Christine’s Video Update

October 2019

Many have been asking how I am going with my gymnastics. It is not easy but I am still at it and I am enjoying trying new things. Thanks to everyone involved in the video.

No routine like at home

It’s been amazing to be here in Australia but the hardest thing has been not having my regular schedule of gymnastics classes three times a week for 2 hours each. I do gymnastics here and the people are lovely but it’s a very different approach to what I’m used to as it is mainly x-gymnasts who are advanced. It’s not quite the same. That said I’ve been getting lots of helpful advice from pilates and physiotherapist about how to improve different things that are missing from my workouts in Peru.  So while I am working out, it lacks intensity because I do it at home or when travelling. I’m losing strength and gaining weight from all the good Aussie food. This next few weeks are full of physiotherapy visits so this should help. It is now less than a month until we are home and I’ll be back at it.

Here is me working on my handstand, actually trying to get warm enough to get in the water. It looks warm but it is winter here and it was freezing.

Projects and persistence in gymnastics

To go along with the video I have renamed the blog “Handstand for Parkinson’s” and the website is www.handstandforparkinsons.com. I hope this won’t cause too much confusion.

The other news is that I am preparing a Poster “Living with Parkinson’s in Peru”. So I am super busy trying to interview people with the disease and write up their stories and creating charts. I have never done something like this and with the time limit so close (June). I am a bit overwhelmed and have ideas that I am struggling to put into action.

Thanks everyone for your votes and support with the video “Handstanding for Parkinson’s Disease”. I have been so blessed by comments and with votes. The winner isn’t announced until June, but voting has finished.

We’re preparing for our 3 month visit to Australia late May to August which is exciting too.

The fun news is that I am working on a follow-up video called “Before and After” about how my coordination, movement balance and strength  improved by doing gymnastics to combat Parkinson’s. It is half done so watch this space. I am relatively new to video editing so it is taking me time to learn but I’m advancing little by little.

Also I am back at the gym training pretty hard but like pride before the fall my handstand has gone backwards. Firstly my coach prefers that I don’t use a wall for support and secondly I am still frightened and lack consistency in my style. I need to keep practicing! Everyone has these valleys or plateaus but I am working hard. My next video will include some new tricks I am working on… of course I’m not looking like a pro but I’m moving forward nonetheless. April marks the first anniversary of my time in the gym.

Video: Handstanding for Parkinson’s Disease!

I took a challenge to learn to handstand. It was lot of hard work to build up the muscles and prepare my body. I have made a short documentary about the process and the obstacles I faced. Please watch for the full story.


I am raising funds to attend the World Parkinson’s Congress in Japan in June 2019 (funds will cover my flights/ accommodation/ registration) and in addition I am funding an education project for Parkinson’s sufferers in Peru. I’d like to raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease and the importance of exercise in preventing disease progression in Peru. Going to the Congress will help resource me for this purpose and on a personal level too. Please read my blog post  Peru and Parkinson’s Disease  for more information. It is a huge need and it breaks my heart to see people suffer unnecessarily. 

I challenge you to Handstand for Parkinson’s Disease too. 

1. Do a Handstand for Parkinson’s Disease (Read below first!) 

2. Post a Picture/ Video to facebook #handstandforparkinsonsdisease

3. Make a donation


4. Nominate 2 Friends to “Handstand for Parkinson’s Disease” 

5. The challenge continues…. 

Please don’t try this if you don’t know how. Be responsible and if you want to learn, join an adult gymnastics class like I did. You would have until 1st of June to add your photo. 

I challenge you to make a donation to the cause on this page. Small or Large – as your heart leads you.

Thank-you for donating.


I have many videos on my youtube channel. I have attempted to put some here but without the images it doesn’t give you the real idea. Please go to my youtube and subscribe to my youtube channel to get new videos.

I’m am amateur video maker but I’m learning so much and I do it to educate people about Parkinson’s most of all so forgive the small errors you might see.

I have many ideas for new videos but video editing is very time consuming. My favourite is the before and and after one.

¿Cuáles son los beneficios del ejercicio? Los secretos de 

Parkinson para vivir con éxito. Video 1



What keeps you motivated? Parkinson’s secrets to living 

successfully! Video II of a II part series



What are the Benefits of Exercise? Parkinson’s secrets to living successfully. Video I of II



La perseverancia Ejercicios y Parkinson.



BEFORE and AFTER Contrast – Sequel to Handstand for Parkinson’s



Antes y Después – Christine usaba gimnasia artística para combatir el Parkinson



Homenastics – Hogar-nasia



Christine’s Gymnastics Update Oct 2019


¿Que es la enfermedad de Parkinsons?



Handstand For Parkinson’s Disease – #handstandforparkinsons #wpc2019


These are videos I have made or videos I feature in.

I took a challenge to learn to handstand. It was lot of hard work to build up the muscles and prepare my body. I have made a short documentary about it for the World Parkinson’s Congress for June 2019 Published January 2019. It was short listed to the top 12 finalists. 

Please watch for the full story and share it if you like it.


In October 2019 I made a follow up video for Handstand for Parkinson’s. It just tells how the World Parkinson’s Congress went and how I am working at the gym… despite pain, blisters, bruises and tiredness.

Walk Normally – Christine’s Journey with Parkinson’s #uniteforparkinsons
Made for World Parkinson’s day in April 2018.

One Voice. One Day. This is Christine’s .  #Uniteforparkinsons short version edited by World Parkinson’s Day team.

People all around the world talk about their Parkinson’s #Uniteforparkinson’s official video edited by World Parkinson’s Day team. Parts of my video appear in it.

We are hoping to make more videos in the future and especially in Spanish. If you look you can find Spanish subtitles for the Walk Normally video.

Esperamos hacer más videos en el futuro y especialmente en español. Si busca, puedes encontrar subtítulos en español para el video Walk Normally.