No routine like at home

It’s been amazing to be here in Australia but the hardest thing has been not having my regular schedule of gymnastics classes three times a week for 2 hours each. I do gymnastics here and the people are lovely but it’s a very different approach to what I’m used to as it is mainly x-gymnasts who are advanced. It’s not quite the same. That said I’ve been getting lots of helpful advice from pilates and physiotherapist about how to improve different things that are missing from my workouts in Peru.  So while I am working out, it lacks intensity because I do it at home or when travelling. I’m losing strength and gaining weight from all the good Aussie food. This next few weeks are full of physiotherapy visits so this should help. It is now less than a month until we are home and I’ll be back at it.

Here is me working on my handstand, actually trying to get warm enough to get in the water. It looks warm but it is winter here and it was freezing.