Video: Handstanding for Parkinson’s Disease!

I took a challenge to learn to handstand. It was lot of hard work to build up the muscles and prepare my body. I have made a short documentary about the process and the obstacles I faced. Please watch for the full story.

I am raising funds to attend the World Parkinson’s Congress in Japan in June 2019 (funds will cover my flights/ accommodation/ registration) and in addition I am funding an education project for Parkinson’s sufferers in Peru. I’d like to raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease and the importance of exercise in preventing disease progression in Peru. Going to the Congress will help resource me for this purpose and on a personal level too. Please read my blog post  Peru and Parkinson’s Disease  for more information. It is a huge need and it breaks my heart to see people suffer unnecessarily. 

I challenge you to Handstand for Parkinson’s Disease too. 

1. Do a Handstand for Parkinson’s Disease (Read below first!) 

2. Post a Picture/ Video to facebook #handstandforparkinsonsdisease

3. Make a donation

4. Nominate 2 Friends to “Handstand for Parkinson’s Disease” 

5. The challenge continues…. 

Please don’t try this if you don’t know how. Be responsible and if you want to learn, join an adult gymnastics class like I did. You would have until 1st of June to add your photo. 

I challenge you to make a donation to the cause on this page. Small or Large – as your heart leads you.

Thank-you for donating.

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