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videos parkinson’s disease


¿Cuáles son los beneficios del ejercicio? Los secretos de 

Parkinson para vivir con éxito. Video 1

What keeps you motivated? Parkinson’s secrets to living 

successfully! Video II of a II part series

What are the Benefits of Exercise? Parkinson’s secrets to living successfully. Video I of II

La perseverancia Ejercicios y Parkinson.

BEFORE and AFTER Contrast – Sequel to Handstand for Parkinson’s

Antes y Después – Christine usaba gimnasia artística para combatir el Parkinson

Homenastics – Hogar-nasia

Christine’s Gymnastics Update Oct 2019

¿Que es la enfermedad de Parkinsons?

Handstand For Parkinson’s Disease – #handstandforparkinsons #wpc2019

These are videos I have made or videos I feature in.

I took a challenge to learn to handstand. It was lot of hard work to build up the muscles and prepare my body. I have made a short documentary about it for the World Parkinson’s Congress for June 2019 Published January 2019. It was short listed to the top 12 finalists. 

Please watch for the full story and share it if you like it.

In October 2019 I made a follow up video for Handstand for Parkinson’s. It just tells how the World Parkinson’s Congress went and how I am working at the gym… despite pain, blisters, bruises and tiredness.

Walk Normally – Christine’s Journey with Parkinson’s #uniteforparkinsons
Made for World Parkinson’s day in April 2018.

One Voice. One Day. This is Christine’s .  #Uniteforparkinsons short version edited by World Parkinson’s Day team.

People all around the world talk about their Parkinson’s #Uniteforparkinson’s official video edited by World Parkinson’s Day team. Parts of my video appear in it.

We are hoping to make more videos in the future and especially in Spanish. If you look you can find Spanish subtitles for the Walk Normally video.

Esperamos hacer más videos en el futuro y especialmente en español. Si busca, puedes encontrar subtítulos en español para el video Walk Normally.