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Christine Jeyachandran ‘s Profile
Christine Jeyachandran: 9 years ago at age 37, Christine was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in Peru where she lived until recently. It started with a slight tremble, weak fingers and led to left foot dragging and difficulty walking without medication. Gymnastics has changed her life completely and empowered her physically and mentally. Her video Handstand for Parkinson’s was a finalist at the World Parkinson Congress.

Finalist for video Competition 5100+ views
She regained range of movement, balance, flexibility, coordination, and she’s stronger than ever. And her video Before and After shows a huge contrast in how it has changed the way she moves.
In April 2020, Christine edited a video: What are the benefits of exercise?. This shows the amazing stories of 13 people with Parkinson’s from around the World who swear by and implore people with Parkinson’s to exercise with determination and intensity, an apt message during COVID19. Parkinson’s disease never takes a day off.  Video thumbnail: What are the Benefits of Exercise? Parkinson’s secrets to living successfully. Video I of II
Christine herself had to “overcome apathy, doubts, fatigue, and fear” in training gymnastics so she wanted to help others understand the benefits went beyond her story and are worth the effort. This video comes with a sequel discussing “What keeps you motivated” as we know motivation is a big challenge for those with Parkinson’s too! This project was featured in Parkinson’s Life, online magazine.
The video – Would you sell your house to save your mother? Has been had amazing feedback (see poster below) and exposure and was a top 5 in a popular vote for the Focus on Ability Video Competition last year. It has over 44 amazing comments just on their site and many more through social media. It challenges the world to see the needs within the Parkinson’s Latino community.   

Finalist in Focus on Ability Film Festival
Christine is now A Co-Principal Investigator, researching the needs of people with Parkinson’s in a Research Project funded by Fox Foundation Parkinson’s Disease in Latin America: Learning from Underrepresented Populations  
Public Speaking
Workshop panellist / Interview Mainstage, Reachout, EU, Sydney University 
Panellist, NSW Parkinson’s Workshop 
Pitch finalist at University of New South Wales, NEW WAVE
Speaker, Diva’s Luncheon – Online
Panelist at events Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center and Spanish Federación de Parkinson
Interview, Two Mikes Podcast, Christine Jeyachandran: Making a difference in South America
Panelist on webinars, Paso a Paso Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center (3 occasion)
Panellist Sustain our abilities Webinar 
TV Interview TV Peru Sin Barreras
Interview, When Life Gives you Parkinson’s Podcast: Even Patients can Push things along 
Panellist and organiser, LSVT introduction to LSVT webinar in Spanish
Speaker Insight into Parkinson’s Parkinson’s Conference online 
Interview Parkinson’s Road Podcast

In the Media
PMD Alliance Blog Newsletter, Christine’s Story – Parkinson’s is not a punishment from God
Parkinson’s Life Magazine Article – Three inspiring film makers
Parkinson’s News Today Peruvian Family Sell Their Home to Afford Mother’s DBS 
Parkinson’s Life Magazine New Years Resolutions Parkinson’s Community
Parkinson’s Life magazine Benefits of Exercise Parkinson’s Video Project
Diario Correo Afectados por enfermedad
Encuentro La Gimnasia artística como terapia
Diario Correo Como Superar
European Parkinson’s Disease Association YOPD Christine Jeyachandran

One thought on “Christine Jeyachandran’s profile:

  1. Hi Christine!
    I`m a friend of Lorena Fazio (Sydney, Australia), she sent me your link and I must say, what an inspiring story.
    I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2013 and discovered the effect that exercise has on this disease.
    My story is on a podcast “Conversations” with Richard Fidler (ABC Radio), the link is below:
    I can see that like me, Parkinson’s has actually given you the courage and trust in God that you can STILL do anything you put your mind to.
    I applaud what you are doing so much, and I know you will agree, it is God`s strength, not ours.
    The Charity I have created “The Dean Team Incorporated” website ( started a few years ago when I decided to help others with Parkinson’s (In Australia) lead a better, more fruitful life through exercise. To show this, I trained for and ran in, The Sydney Marathon last year (42.2 km) and finished in 5hrs 34min on a 38-degree day.
    I have since done a few podcasts and interviews and am currently writing a book on my journey as well as organizing “The Parkinson’s Marathon Walk” taking place here in July to again promote exercise as a way of halting the symptoms of Parkinson’s.
    In the last 2 years, through hard exercise and God`s Grace, I have gone from 7 symptoms to 2 and I will, like you continue to carry out this work as I believe God has his hand upon it and me and HE will continue to give me the strength.
    Keep up the work.
    Yours sincerely.

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