Put it out there!


A few years back I wrote a post about TED talks but I shy-ed away from saying that one day I’d like to do one. So now I am saying it out loud. You won’t get get there without support from my community. I have just been nominated (online) by someone who heard my new wave talk. I know it will take time, more nominations and I need a lot more training to prepare.

The first step…well forget that – an important step is practicing and with 8 talks/ workshops, from July to November this year, I am certainly getting onto that. I’d reading another insightful book on Public speaking but I am now looking for RECOMMNEDATIONS FOR A SCHOLARHIP recommendations to do a course.


Anyone willing and able to recommend me for a TED talk and or a public speaking training scholarship feel free to write a letter and send it to me or do it on LinkedIn through recommendations. You might like to explain ‘Why would Christine’s STORY be a great TED /TEDx talk and the impact it could have or has had already. TED is about presenting Ideas worth sharing – and the story would be one CORE element of the talk. The ‘idea worth sharing’ is in development but happy to chat one on one with you about that.

It can be short.

My motivation is to create awareness about young onset Parkinson’s and especially the benefits of exercise. Thank-you in advance.

FROM TEDx Website Sydney