COVID for Christine

“I have cancelled our friends coming for dinner” I said. “No mummy! she implored me to “UNCANCEL” as only a 13 year old can. But within a few hours we were both snoozing in our beds, me with belly pains and body aches and she with the tiredness of a 2 year old. That is not normal for my Annabelle. 

It was the right choice as it turned out. It was COVID. 

My Monday Annabelle and I tested positive to COVID and over the next 10 days I had flu symptoms, slight fever, headaches, both intense and normal, tiredness, sleeplessness and other days of excessive sleep. The other two kids had brief symptoms but we never got them tested and the kids were back to normal within a day or two. 

By my 5th day, David had joined me in the covid sleepiness. 

It is day 11 and though I’m not 100% yet I feel like it is time to seize the day and pray this is the turning point. David seems to be more awake today too and though blowing his nose loudly – he seems on the mend too. 

We’ve had friends delivering food – we still have left overs and so many messages of love and support. We’ve been so blessed to experience a light version of COVID – well that is my guess – no hospitalisation, no oxygen needed. 

Please pray I recover quickly so I can get back to my exercise and vibrant self. I know we need to be patient.