Chemicals and Parkinson’s Disease – and how the Netherlands has reduced Parkinson’s incidence.

Dr Bastiaan Bloem, famous neurologist is visiting Australia from the Netherlands this month.

Did you know that there has been a 60% decrease in the incidence of Parkinson’s disease in the Netherlands, 1990-2000?

Parkinson’s is rising! Yes – in most countries

Is Parkinson’s is largely man-made? Is Parkinson’s preventable?

Research has shown exposure to certain chemicals used in everyday products and agriculture could be linked to Parkinson’s Disease.
This issue has come into the eye of the Parkinson’s community internationally because a booked called Ending Parkinson’s was published in 2020 telling about the authors investigations and concerns about the connection between Parkinson’s and chemicals. The ‘coincidental’ high rates of Parkinson’s in farmers in the USA is a big part of this book but it is not just limited to agricultural products so keep reading to see what other chemicals are dangerous. 

I have read the book Ending Parkinson’s and recommend it to you all to read, or listen to on Audible. I am not plugging it at the authors request, in fact they are happy to help people get access to the book if they don’t have the means to do so.

The authors and the Michael J Fox Foundation are calling for a ban of the usage of such chemicals. This letter linked explains it well. 

But this is a sensitive issue because the some people could loose a lot of money. In the USA one of the companies involved is denying the issue completely, but reports have been done in Australia by the same company that show that 18 billion could be lost if Paraquat was banned. 

I will leave it to you to check the links provided and decide for yourself. I am not an authority but a person with Parkinson’s. I am not a farmer and though I have lived in rural areas have no clear reason to link my own diagnosis at age 37 to a specific chemical. I am raising awareness  and encouraging people to keep in touch with me on this issue by completing this link and or signing a petition. 

What do the Experts Say?

Dr Bastiaan Bloem on Davis Finney Foundation Webinar

Professor Bloem believes this acceleration is due to environmental toxins, pesticides in particular.

Paraquat, a highly toxic weed killer that has been banned in more than 60 countries but is still used in the US, is a complex 1 inhibitor and is very toxic to the area of the brain that Parkinson’s impacts, the substantia nigra.

Pesticide use began being used worldwide in the 1950s to feed a rapidly growing world population. People can be exposed to pesticides through well water, as well as through the food chain. Because milk in particular has been found to contain high concentrations of pesticides, many Parkinson’s researchers including Professor Bloem believe avoiding or limiting dairy may help prevent Parkinson’s. 


Parkinson’s Foundation: From Parkinson’s Foundation Website

Currently, there are more than 300 lawsuits filed against Paraquat across the U.S. Due to the multitude of cases, a multidistrict litigation (commonly known as MDL) was passed to help accelerate the legal proceeding

From Parkinson’s Foundation Website


I know that I haven’t asnwered all the questions that I have raised but there is much to learn from the links below. 

This is more than enough to start your reading and I will write more soon:

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Are you a farmer? And Ending Parkinson’s Disease website 

Summary article:

From the Michael J Fox Foundation:


Documentary: Poisoned Land


….but to complicate the situation look what just came out from Syngenta!

Denying all links between Parkinson’s Disease and paraquat.

But in Australia they’re honest- making money is more important to Syngenta.





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