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The World Parkinson’s Congress is almost here

It has been 3.5 years in the making. I became an Ambassador in February 2020 and we’ve met bi – monthly with the ambassadors ever since.  So it’s surreal that the congress is finally a reality. So much work has gone into it and there are over 3000 people registered. There is still time to register and or sponsor the event so never fear.

The 6th World Parkinson Congress (WPC 2023) will be held in Barcelona, Spain from July 4 – 7, 2023. Everyone in the community who is touched by Parkinson’s, whether a researcher, physician, family member, clinician, nurse, or rehab specialist is welcome to attend the WPC 2023. World Parkinson Congresses are 100% inclusive scientific events.

WPC 2023 will be taking place at the International Barcelona Convention Center at Plaça de Willy Brandt, 11-14, Barcelona, Spain 08019. This location is convenient to the subway system and hotels that will have rooms for delegates.

Where to find me at the congress including 3 speaking opportunities:

  1. Tuesday 5th July – In Foundations workshop –  By booking only 
  2. I’m on the WPC Booth, Banquet Room on Wednesday 11:15- 1:30 
  3. Thursday 6th July 12:30 pm

Workshop: Reaching Underserved Communities in Latin America 

Host: Christine Jeya (Australia)

Where: Support Group Leaders room is # 312. Hosted by the PMD Alliance

What: Interactive learnings about needs, challenges and strengths in Latin America. I am so excited about this session as I am making it super interactive so you can understand the needs and frustrations of living with PD in South America and also the opportunities and joys.

       4. Friday 7th July 3pm UNANNOUNCED SESSION and location – I will update the details here.

       5. Also my video RAY of HOPE will be shown at the beginning of a session but I don’t know when it will be.  Last time the session at              9am  started with the same short listed video so if you are in attendance you shouldn’t miss my video.


There is much more going on and I look forward to meeting folk in person and hope I remember names and faces. My husband David is a volunteer too and is signing up for extra volunteer sessions, bless his soul. He said they need more help!

David and I will have a few weeks holiday with family and friends in the lead up to the congress but I still have a little preparation on the side. 

If you haven’t signed up for the congress it is not too late.

Thanks for all your support 

Christine Jeyachandran 










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